Organized by: CGS EVENTS  welcomes you!. We are proud to launch a new  Gaming Insights edition. Our company has been working in Latin America and the Caribbean countries for more than 20 years (Aruba, Brazil, Bahamas, Chile, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico).  Developing this  Agenda along with the Panama Gaming Board (Junta de Control de Juegos) and Gaming Consultants,  we are confident this full day event will hold significant importance for various reasons:

1) Networking Opportunities: The Conference will bring together professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts from different sectors of the gaming industry.

2) Knowledge Sharing: The Conference will offer a unique opportunity for participants to gain insights from industry leaders, experts, and successful game developers. Delegates will learn about the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies in the gaming landscape. Acquiring such knowledge will help local developers and companies in Panama stay competitive and innovative.

3) Exposure to New Technologies: this Conference will feature showcases of cutting-edge gaming technologies and topics, including money laundering, banking, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, surveillance,   FATCA, CRS, and UAF compliance.

4) Economic Impact: Hosting this gaming conference will boost the local economy in Panama by attracting Delegates from both domestic and international markets, and will attract international gaming companies and investors who may find Panama a potential hub for their operations.

5) Talent Attraction and Retention: this Conference will attract talent to the region. As Delegates interact and learn about the gaming ecosystem in Panama, they may be enticed to join or establish their ventures in the country.

6) Banking, Advocacy, and Policy Development: This Conference aims to serve as a platform for discussing gaming-related policies, regulations, banking, money laundering, and advocacy for the industry’s growth. Policymakers and regulators can engage with industry stakeholders to better understand the needs and challenges faced by the gaming sector in Panama.

7) Promoting the Local Gaming Scene:  this Conference will highlight the country’s potential as a hub for the gaming industry. 

8) Community Building: Bringing together gaming enthusiasts, developers, and professionals at this Conference fosters a sense of community within the industry.    Next September 27th, you have an important business meeting in Panama.

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gaming insights panama 2023

Once again, CGS Group brings the best of the gaming industry.

#gaminginsights #panama is the Summit to be, with Conferences and network areas specially designed to handle your private meetings.

Join us at the Riu Plaza Hotel in Panama to be part of a dynamic series of Conferences with more 20 Speakers #liveevent opening doors next  September 27th with the sponsorship of Gaming Control Board, National Government of the Republic of Panama, Gaming Consultores and many more allied brands.  Be part of the gaming executives that will be visiting our event. so hurry up and register today!


Welcome to the third edition of the Gaming Insights in Latin America, a product of CGS Group with the support of Gaming Consultores, the Panama Gaming Control Board and The Panama Casino Association.

Septemeber 26th 2023

Welcome Cocktail for Delegates (6:30 to 9:00 pm)

September 27th 2023

8:00 to 8:40       Delegates registration

8:45                      Inaugural Message and Welcome to Gaming Insights – Panama 2023

Lic.  Manuel Sanchez Ortega, Executive Secretary of the Panama Gaming Control Board.

9:00 to 9:20        KEYNOTE:

The Gambling industry in Panama. General aspects of the legislation, post-pandemic, projections.

This panel will expose the main characteristics of the Gambling Industry in Panama,evolution, size, what it means for Panama in numbers, different legal gambling verticals in the country, and projections for the upcoming years, such as new licenses for casinos or sports betting.


9:25 to 10:10     Responsible gambling, a commitment to responsibility.

This panel aims to carry out an analysis of the efforts made in other jurisdictions, in the fight for conscious and responsible gambling.


10:15 to 11:00   

Cross-border compliance: The challenges and requirements associated with international banking transactions and operations including compliance with international regulations such as FATCA, CRS and other relevant regulations.

An exploration of best practices in PLD/FT, including due diligence policies and procedures, monitoring of suspicious transactions, and reporting of suspicious activities to the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF). Panel aimed at Compliance Officers / Banking Executives.


11:00 to 11:25    COFFEE BREAK


11:30 to 12:15

Management of compliance risks to meet the requirements of National Banking: How to identify, evaluate, execute and manage compliance risks to complete the banking filters.

This panel includes the implementation of effective compliance programs and the management of audits and regulatory reviews.


12:20 to 13:05     Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing (PLD/FT) in the gambling industry.

An exploration of best practices in PLD/FT, including due diligence policies and procedures, monitoring of suspicious transactions, and reporting of suspicious activities to the Financial Analysis Unit (UAF). 


13:10 to 14:30   EXECUTIVE LUNCH

14:45 to 15:30  

Regulation of online gaming, advances in legislation, illegal gambling, implemented measures

In Panama, online legislation covers various aspects related to the use of the internet and the protection of online rights. As for the techniques of blocking illegal websites, Panamanian legislation establishes mechanisms to combat illegal activities online, but also guarantees the protection of privacy and freedom of expression.

15:35 to 16:20  

Learning from the Mistakes: consequences of not regulating. Principle of Legality and Principle of Discretion.

Importance of learning from past mistakes caused by the lack of regulation in the gambling industry, referring to the principles of legality and discretion as fundamental to establishing an adequate regulatory framework and avoiding problems. The first, is a fundamental concept in the rule of law that establishes that the actions of people and institutions must be framed within the established legal framework. The principle of discretion refers to the ability of the authorities to make decisions within certain margins of appreciation and judgment, as long as they comply with the law.

16:25 to 17:10     KEYNOTE:

Integration of CCTV, Artificial Intelligence and Gambling Control: Advances and Challenges for Security and Responsibility in the Gambling and Entertainment Industry.

 The topic addresses the intersection of emerging technologies such as closed circuit television (CCTV) and artificial intelligence (AI) with the aim of controlling and mitigating the problem of compulsive gambling in the gaming and entertainment industry.

17:15                   CLOSING: in charge of Mrs. Enelda Medrano de Gonzalez, Deputy Minister of Economy (*).

Farewell Message to the Delegates, banking and government participants, by Mrs. Elizabeth Leiva Goycochea, Founder and Director of CGS Events.

(*) to be confirmed.





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